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The Author J. Smith

"I'm a field of energy, a galaxy of stars and an area of space that is studied, but can never be explained without mentioning God."


"Let us not promote perfection, but praise progression."

I’m not emotional, I’m passionate. I often have to check myself for how intense I can become when speaking about various subject matters such as the community, poverty, homelessness, depression, love and the act of being selfless. As a philanthropist, it is my duty to promote the welfare of others. As an author, it is my duty to reflect the times. Through both, it is my duty to help people master the human experience and I hope my words will assist you in doing so.


The Book of Real Shit: A Collection of Poetry and Life Thoughts


The Book of Real Shit: A Collection of Poetry & Life Thoughts puts J. Smith's emotions and struggles on page without apology or hesitation. Her poems cover all aspects of life, from moments of utter desperation when depression is eating away at your spirit. To the moments we pray for when love is cradling our soul like a parent. Far from avoiding the unfairness of life, she embraces it, transforming it into haunting verse.

For J. Smith, sensitivity was once a demise but has since become a birth. As The Rose That Grew From Concrete, this phoenix arises from the ashes creating a monumental moment in literature. A collection of poetry from a perspective that is unbelievably raw and relatable. For J. Smith, our mere existence in life is a mighty force that moves and shapes the psyche. Inspiration is attained daily through the basics such as selfless love and sometimes the inevitable heartbreak. Likewise, the trials of "living while black" in America.

This collection, full of pride and truth, invites readers to see themselves stripped bare of social trappings-to see themselves just as they are meant to be. A dose of reality that is worth indulging into.

Available on all major book outlets now!



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