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A Real One

Meet The Author J. Smith

Writing for some is considered to be an activity during leisure, but for me it is an act of life. Writing is no hobby for me, but my help, it is either I write or I wilt. Ironically, I have been writing for the last 21 years and could have never imagined that I would become a published author, maybe that is because I was only writing to heal myself. Now that I have published my innermost being (thoughts, feelings and experiences) via The Book of Real Shit: A Collection of Poetry and Life Thoughts it has become evident that my truth is not only my own, but the truth of many. We all encounter the same battles, but we trade our war stories differently.

As Nina Simone once stated, “You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times” and my purpose is to do just that. People often think poetry is only supposed to be pink, but what about the blue? If I only teach you about the sweet, how will you survive the sour? I refuse to paint life out to be anything other than what it is and that is real. I don’t recall being joyous during depression, so why would my writing tell a tale when people need to hear the truth? Unapologetically, I write the truth because that is what people can relate to. You can not relate to a persona, but you can feel a person. I want to allow people to openly feel again and not be ashamed of it. Lets publicize depression, love, struggles and strength. Let us not promote perfection, but praise progression, this is how we help each other.

In the years to come, I want my work to be studied as a great body of literature, a magnum opus. I want the world to understand how profound and monumental the truth is and how extraordinary and vast love can be if you remain true to it. I don’t only want to influence the foundation of literature, but also of life. I hope to spark stars in people who only consider themselves someone and not something of a extraterrestrial universe filled with love. I don’t only want people to read, but I want them to find relief. May my words take you to a place not of war, but of mental wellness. I don’t want to be a famous author, I want my work to be famous in the minds of the free and those trying to be.

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