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Love is a universe that can not be contained or explained. Love is everything, love is everywhere and love is in everyone. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you protect it? Do you respect it? Do you promote it? What is love to you? If you believe in love, you believe in freedom. Love is appreciating what is, but still recognizing what could become. Love is growth. Love is a seed with the potential to blossom into bliss if you are willing to give it water and light. Love is not pointing out flaws, but inspiring change. Love is not a revision, but a revival. Love is constant, even when it is challenging. Love is a frequent self evaluation to ensure you are giving people the love they need and not the love you think they deserve to receive. Love isn’t what it looks like, but love is what it feels like. Does it make you feel good? Is it fun? When love stops being fun, you no longer have a heart, but a hobby. You no longer have joy, but a job. Love is not a burden, but a sport. You engage in the sport you love to play and if you are not enjoying your sport, you may not be playing love with the right teammate.

Love is a franchise restaurant. We all can visit the same restaurant, in different places, but want different meals and have different experiences. This is love! Love is not the same for everyone, but you must get the proper nutrition to feed YOUR soul and spirit, not society. You must also learn to prepare the meals for the person you have decided to love because you will now be the head chef in their kitchen a.k.a their heart, serve them well. As their chef it is your duty to prepare the food they want to eat, don’t be selfish enough to order for them or give them the scraps from your leftovers. Everyone has different taste buds and love is recognizing that just because I may like spicy doesn’t mean you don’t deserve sweet. Love is becoming selfless. Love is cooking a meal for your partner that you may not even eat and your partner should do the same because it is this balance and self sacrifice that creates bloom.

Love is I respect our differences and find them enlightening. Love is an entire universe and we must recognize we are only stars in its space. Love is bigger than us and it is a great thing to be consumed by it, with the right partners (family, friends, lovers etc.) How beautiful is it to know that we are always in loves orbit and being pulled by its gravity? Love is big, it is us that make it small.

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