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Casual Casualty

There is a significant correlation between the word casual and casualty and I don’t believe this is by coincidence. If we analyze each word to gain a deeper level of understanding, it becomes evident that the things we partake in casually can cause us to become a casualty. As stated in the Bible, there is life and death in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and when we speak of things casually, we become unconcerned about them. When one becomes unconcerned, they also become unconscious to the fact that they are now susceptible to harm. The things that come easily endanger our essence. We currently live in a generation that praises casual sex and this is no secret. It is in the music, movies, magazines and the funk is in the air. Sex has lost its sanctity and those who were once members of your church are now only occasional attendees when they want pleasure and not prayer. You have visitors running to your temple to sing, but none of them are listening to the sermon. Casual sex may be labeled as “no strings attached”, but when the bodies leave, the spirits stay and this my friend is when you become a casualty. You become a casualty of depression, disease, low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, addiction, settling, and sorrow because you casually let someone walk into your temple and you didn’t even take the time to check and see if they wiped their feet at the door. You didn’t know their heart, but you welcomed them into your home and now you are a victim of their venom. You thought keeping things casual would bring you a form of peace, but it only left you with poison of the mind, body and spirit. You gained a fuck, but now have a low frequency. We all must realize we are not the source, but still very much so connected to the sun. We are beacons. We are light and to allow darkness into our dwelling places cost too much and has little to no gain. There should be nothing casual about allowing someone to visit your creation, your center and your cosmic. You don’t hear people casually saying “Hey, I’m going to space this weekend.” because space is not casual, it is celestial and so are you. You are made up of a billion stars, why would you view yourself as anything less? You are a universe and you should be treated as such. God said “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3) and then there was you. Learn to see yourself the way God sees you. When you look in the mirror don’t just see the good, but see the God. Updating your perspective will not only change how you glow, but also how you grow. You will understand that you are worthy of commitment, communication, communion, care, companionship and compassion, not just casual. You have purpose and you don’t have to live in pain, you just have to stop creating it and welcoming it. We can not live our lives casually and think we won’t become a casualty to atleast one of the devils many tricks. Sex is not the only thing casually occurring in our lives, but we treat our purpose casually as well. God created each of us on purpose and for a purpose and we casually disregard that by living the lives we want to live. Subsequently, we then become a causality of making the wrong decisions. Treating life casually has set a tone of “I could’ve been” instead of “ I am”. Casual creates a toxic atmosphere of unnecessary, when there should be an urgency. You should have a sense of urgency when it comes to feeding your faith, pursuing your purpose and living a life of love. We can not be casual with anything in our lives because we simply do not have the time. Causal wants us to focus on the minor when we need to focus on the major. We can not casually stroll through this life, if we do we will never master it. We must get serious about our spirit and rid our vocabulary and vessels of anything casual. You are worth more than casual and though it may be work, you will feel the wealth. 

Vibrate higher. 

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