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Smell the Blood

Sometimes we reopen the wounds that we begged God to close. We pray ourselves out of situations only to place ourselves right back in them. We touch the stove again knowing it is hot and we are only going to get burned. We place ourselves in situations to be tempted when we know our flesh is not yet tamed. Why are we asking God for one thing and entertaining another? Well, I will only speak for myself because I’m not perfect, but very much so progressing. I’m not bleeding, but I can smell the blood. I don’t live in the hurt, but I damn sure remember it. Recently I hung out with a character from the beginning chapters of my book and at the time I felt as if I needed to be around someone who fully understood me. I needed the presence of someone who my soul could find solace in and he was that and had been for the last 15 years. He was comfort within confusion and I appreciate him for being just that. He was “hey, I haven’t talked to you in 3 years, but I need you right now.” He was “hey, I’m an hour away, but I will be there in 10 minutes.” He was a dry cleaner that turned me inside out, read my care instructions, washed me gently and loved me harder, but of course we know there is always a thin line between love and hate and believe me we had crossed that line numerous times. The passion took precedence and that was a significant demise. He is a Forever Bae that will have a place to sleep in my memories, but never again will he have a home in my heart. I’m a firm believer in dreams being messages. I think this is one of the ways in which our spirit guides speak to us in another realm. The night after hanging out with Forever Bae I had a weird dream and all I remember is blood being everywhere in a bathroom and someone telling me to clean it up. What I remember the most from this dream is the smell of the blood. Though it was just a dream the smell was so rancid that it caused me to wake up. I looked up the meaning of this dream and it was explained that I’m reopening old wounds and though I may feel healed from the past, I must not forget what the blood smelled like when that particular wound was created. Smelling the blood symbolizes remembering what the hurt felt like so you won’t place yourself in the situation to feel it again. Smelling the blood allows us to remember our past murder in hopes we will protect our present birth. Smell the blood, so you can remember the wound and walk away. Smell the blood, but don’t spill it out again because you have already cleaned up that mess  and it would be foolish to get dirty again. Talk about an epiphany!!!! We often forgive and forget, but I don’t think it is wise to do the latter. If you forget, you have the potential to go back down the same road that once got you lost. My spiritual being had to check my flesh because I prayed to get out of that relationship, then I went to play on the same battlefield where the Devil once gave me war. I was playing with the same gun that once shot me. I was sharpening the knife that once stabbed me. I was visiting the robber that almost got away with all my stuff. Why? Comfort is not always home, but can be a horror if you keep dwelling in it. Where you find your comfort, you may also find yourself in a coma. You will be unconscious to potential possibilities because you are present in your past. Smell the blood and turn away, if you don’t you may suffer another death that you can not reincarnate from. Smell the blood.  

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