Levels of Love: Acceptance

There are many different levels to love, it is unfortunate that you have only acknowledged and unlocked one of them. All these genres, but you only listen to one tune. Love has so much more beautiful music that you deserve to hear, but you must be willing to become refined. As with chakras, there are foundations at the root you have to unlock before you can ever reach the crown. Love is no different. You must master each level to not only reach the next, but to also get the most out of each experience. In order to reach your heavenly, you must first let go of your earthly. Your thoughts, ideals and perceptions of what love is and or what love looks like must be transformed from a fleshly realm, to a spiritual reflection. You must know the difference between good and God. You must think higher to experience fire. You must acknowledge love as the magical maven of God’s mystery and mercy. Love is beyond religion, it is righteous and we must not water it down because we are scared to drink it in it’s entirety. 

The first level of love is acceptance. When you truly love, you don't change, you only cherish. The level of acceptance is a level of reflection, it is a mirror. Acceptance is critical to the foundation of love because it creates compassion. When you see yourself in everyone you encounter and love them as such you create a realm of real and suddenly all flaws subside. You see the flaws in someone, but you also see your own and this acknowledgement manifests a team instead of a tug war on your playing field. 

The good in me recognizes the good in you. The bad in me recognizes the bad in you, but I don’t judge, I only accept because the God in me also recognizes the God in you. The same manner in which you have accepted your being, accept others to the tenth power of that. In Hinduism this is called Bhakti, when one becomes fully devoted to the divine they become humble by realizing everyone is human and perfection is a disease, not a destination. When you realize no one is perfect, you love people in all aspects and you accept. In Bhakti you become fully devoted to loving because you realize you are everyone and everyone is you. Love then becomes your salvation and not your suffering. Let people rise in your love, blossom in your bosom and fly in your faith of their being. 

Levels of Love: Inspiration available next Thursday.

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