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Levels of Love: Inspiration

Picking up from the post last week on acceptance, let’s continue this series of how we can master the art of loving. The second level of love is inspiration. You should love others so well that they naturally become inspired to be better, not for you, but for themselves. This is a level of pushing people into their purpose. In the first level of love we accept our loved one for who and what they are. In the second level of love we acknowledge their being and identify their skills so they can utilize them to the maximum potential. Some people are not aware of their worth so we must assist them with putting their being to work. If your partner trusts you with their dreams we must love them into their duty of fulfilling them. This is one of my favorite levels because it is often overlooked, but it is a level of speaking life into your love. Many of our loved ones have passions that just need to be pulled and it is in this level that you show your love by wanting your partner to be full and filled by doing what God has called them to do. Do not be a nag, but a navigator to direct your loved one to light. Love should be inspiring, insightful, invigorating and lifting, not leveling. There are times when our love causes our partner to remain stagnant, but they should be surpassing the level they were on when you first met them. If they are not, what substance are you adding to their life? You should not just love people good, but you should be bringing them closer to God. Your love should be so inspiring that you bring people to faith and make them lose fear. What sense does it make to love someone and make them stay the same? We should want our partners to change. We get upset when they change for the worse, but did you inspire them to be their best? Probably not because you wanted them to stay in a place that was comforting for you and that is not care, but cradling.  Growth is not a nuisance, but a necessity, inspire people to find it and your realationship will reach a different realm. The only thing constant in life is change and we must change the way we love. If we love bigger we can make people better. 

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