Rose Quartz

Your heart is so big, Why do you feel so small? You have worlds inside of you And your eyes serve as windows Not only to your wisdom, But also to your wounds. Who left those with you? How can we make them heal? I want to smell your sweet Hydrangea’s And not taste your hurt. If only I could plant the sun in you, I would also sneak in the sky. If only I could kiss your heart, I would also make love to it. If only I could catch your tears, I would also keep them. If only I could give you happiness, I would surely make it infinite. If only I could make every moment great, I would also make the memories gargantuan. Though I see your smile, I can still feel your sorrow. If I could I would be an angel, Only to take away your anguish. If I could I would give you pure peace, Only so you could never remember pain. If I could I would give you the universe and it would be unconditional, But I recognize my power And know I can only bring you closer to God.  

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