Is Anyone Ever Really Single?

Is anyone ever really single? My answer based on observation is no. People may not have a relationship status, but they are married to their hurt, dating their pain and have hearts that are still flirting with an ex. There may be no rings on fingers, but there are definitely strings attached to hearts. The question is, how many strings are attached to your heart? Do you live with your hurt? Have sex with your shame? Get excited by your ex? Have foreplay with your past? Or still care for your comfort? People may be single, but is their heart taken? No one is ever really single. When I reference the word single, I’m not only speaking of a romantic status, but an inventory of the heart. Yes, people are single in regards to the fact that they do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but many have a husband of hurt and a wife of weary. People are single with a mind that goes on an excursion to an ex. People are single, but have a mistress of misery. People are single, but have a dependency on depression. People are single, but have a heart that harbors instead of heals. People are single, but live with low self esteem. People are single, but their heart is diluted and they have no plans of getting divorced. I’ve come to realize that there is no such thing as single, but there is very much so relationships with the past and partnerships of pain. Dating can be difficult, especially for the millennials, but does it really have to be? We have to promote more healing and stop publicizing hate. People are not healing because they do not want anyone to know they’re hurt. It is ok to be human, but we must remember to heal. No one is single because everyone is barricading their baggage and carrying it with them in their hearts. I can not express how important it is to free your heart of any and everything that does not serve it or save it. You will always be a side piece to anyone you date if their heart is not cleaned out from a dirty past, toxic relationship or filthy mind. How is your heart and is it taken?  

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