Levels of Love: Service

The Oxford Dictionary defines service as “The action of helping or doing work for someone.” Does your love serve? Does your love heal? Does your love lift? Does your love fertilize? Does your love fix? Does your love birth new life? I believe everyone we encounter is pregnant with purpose. When we give our love to others it should birth something new in them. Our love should cause others to go into labor. Is your love the Pitocin that induces the labor of necessary change? Our love should deliver others into their divine. Is your love dedicated to the church of your companion? Or are you only dedicated to serving the sanctuary of self? Your love is a service and should be one that seeks to help and heal, not hurt and harm. The third level of love is service. As in church when you sign up to serve as an usher, Sunday school teacher and or choir director, you are showing your love to the most high by depicting how dedicated you are. You serve as a sacrifice. You serve to gain a spiritual connection to a realm not seen, but felt. Loving in earthly relationships should be no different. Though earthly, your love is a service to make people feel your eternal. Let me love you so well that you feel my forever. Let me love you so well that you feel my faith. Let me love you so well that you feel devotion. Let me love you so well that you heal and forget your hurt.  Service is an act of giving thanks for your blessings and in doing so you honor not only your being, but also others. The love you have in your life is a blessing and your partner should be very much so aware of that by the service you provide to them. Be your partners waiter or waitress. Bring them the water of encouragement when you see their spirit is thirsty and in need of being lifted. Cook a meal to feed your lovers soul when you see that they're hungry for more in life. Bring napkins when their life gets messy and they need help cleaning it up. On the days when they can't clean up their table, do it for them and don't throw it in their face later. Do it willingly and gracefully, not expecting anything in return. This is service. We can not always expect to be served in our relationships, this often leads to disappointment. When we lead in being a server and not being serviced we expand our hearts to give more and as a result we receive more. The same energy you put out, is the same energy you get back. Love is the highest form of energy and it is our connection to the Most High. We show our love for the universe by the love we give to others. Your love is a present in the present time and it could possibly change the future of the forever you share with your lover. We often think of relationships as a “get”, but forget it should be a “give”. What good is it to have a heart if you don’t give it out in abundance? Make your love runneth over into the cups of your lovers core. Our hearts grow when we groom. The goal is to have a heart so big that it can serve as a blessing.  

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