UMI Says

Mos Def’s UMI Says has to be one of the most amazing songs ever made, especially in regards to hip hop. The lyrics are piercing but most of all prideful. As I was jamming out to this throwback tune I couldn’t help but connect to the lyrics stating “I want Black people to be free, to be free, to be free.” The word free means so much, especially to people of color but why is it so hard to attain? Though physically free, we all reside in some form of a prison. What is your prison? Are you in a prison of material? Only concerned about standing in line for a pair of Jordan’s or selling dime bags of weed to buy a chain that someone will eventually steal? Are you in a prison of pain? Harboring, holding and carrying all of the pain others have given to you as your most prized possession, like the homeless bag lady in every city’s downtown? Are you in a prison of heart break? Focusing only on your heart breaker and not the possibility of finding your heart healer? Are you in a prison of mediocre? Do you accept everything that comes your way with no desire to acquire more? Are you in a prison of self-hate? Has this Western civilization corrupted you into thinking you need blonde hair and blue eyes to be considered desirable? Whatever it is, prisons are present, most of which are of the mind. As the song that inspired this post states, I want Black people to be free. I want Black men to recognize their power and put it into entrepreneurialism instead of the streets. I want Black women to be able to see beauty within themselves even if they don’t see it on television and in magazines. I want more Black children to go to college to become engineers instead of always being expected to be athletes and entertainers. I want to see less projects and more power. I want to see more panthers and fewer puppies. I want to see more Black love and less “oh Black women are too angry” or “oh I’m not attracted to Black women, I want my kids to be mixed”. I want a Black man to be able to show his emotions without feeling weak because the world has made him so hard. I want fewer strangers and more neighbors. I want to be nice without people thinking I’m naive. I want more soul and less solitude. I want more sisterhood with less shade. Ultimately, I don’t want to be treated as colored but as light. I want Black people to be treated like inventors, innovators, creators, influencers, implementers, poets, muses, masterpieces and the blue print. I want Black people to get credit and it is due. I want Black people to be free to receive love from the world, even if we don’t need it, let us at least know we can get it. I want the world, the United States in particular to give a fuck about our freedom and our feelings. The feelings people often think we don’t have because we are the super predator, meant to be feared not fragile. My God, we bleed like everyone else; can you please acknowledge that we are alive? I want Black people to be free. 

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