If God is love and love is God and we are made in his image, are we not naturally born Godly and loving? Where and when do we learn otherwise? Throughout the years it appears as if the world molds us into something we are not and as we age we struggle trying to get back to our home, our humbleness and our earth, which is no where near our ego. We are so educated on our ego and unfortunately some of us even master it, some have a bachelors in it and the ones vibrating higher don’t even have an associates or know what it is. When did we lose our God? When did we lose our love? We were born as universes, how in the hell did we just became satellites? In reference to sculpting, the great Michelangelo stated the angel is already in the marble, he just chips away the pieces so others can see it. Who is chipping away at your pieces? If you are already a masterpiece, what image is your sculptor carving you out to be? Who is your sculptor? The world? Or God? Your image looks so different from the one you were born with and that could be because you have been hiring the wrong sculptor. Do you want to look like an angel? Or do you want to look average? Do you want to look like a masterpiece? Or are you ok with being moderate? Is your image reflecting God? Or do you favor this world? These are questions that need answers because your sculptor plays a detrimental role in who you become.  You were already born Godly and loving, you don’t have to go searching for something that you already are. God is your father and love is your mother, you don’t have to go searching for religion, you are it’s love child. You are not only their offspring, but you are also their spirit. I see so many lost souls and I feel them. I feel them looking for something they will never find because they’re looking everywhere, but within themselves. I’m writing this to tell you to remember who birthed you, don’t let this world adopt you. Your image was already created, stop letting this world give you imagination. Know your truth and live there. Love you, J. Smith

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