Levels of Love: Healing

If you have not read the prior posts in this blog series titled Levels of Love, please do so. I feel it is detrimental that we all understand loves duality and master each level to reach it’s epitome. There are many different levels in love and this blog series serves as a guide on how we can attain the love God intended. The series is meant to serve, not scold and help not hinder your current relationship with romantic partners, family, friends and associates etc. There are seven levels of love and seven is the number that represents completion. If we are able to master all levels, we will essentially reach the pinnacle of our lives. We will not only love deeply, but we will love Godly. Healing is the fourth level in this series. Enjoy! 

We are all continuously on a journey of healing and if you are not, you should be. We seek religion because we are constantly seeking comfort in this life and we feel as if religion provides us with faith in the things unseen, the good things we hope for. We seek to feel what is sensual, but we are really desperate to be filled with the spirit. We seek out love, but we are really yearning to feel God not only in ourselves, but also in others. Let your partner feel the God in you by being compassionate towards their process and progress in healing. Healing has numerous variations and we all will partake in some form of it to reach our highest potential. What I need to recover from life’s traumas may be totally opposite of what you need to heal. We must understand that healing is not a one size fits all, my small may be your medium and that is the focus in this healing level in relationships.  

The healing level in relationships is where we allow our partner to heal in the way they see fit with no judgement. I may need Buddha, but who is to say you don’t need baptism? I may need meditation, but you may need the mayhem to gain wealth in spirit, which I call wisdom. We fight many battles of which some are known, others we never give a voice to. Our partners should be allowed to soul search and find what areas of their being need to be revised and or repaired. I love you enough to coach you through your healing, but I will not create the plays you need to win. The healing level of love is similar to service, but it is different in that we must understand sometimes our partner may not want our assistance, just our support and we must be their tape and not their tormentor. Let your partner find what medicine is going to heal their ailment. You are not a pharmacist, only a partner, a player on a team and in a union.   

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