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The Fear of Feelings

What will become of a generation that is taught feelings are foreign? I envision numerous nomads who will travel distances to diluted destinations looking for shelter because they don’t know that home is where the heart is. The marriage between the heart, soul and spirit will be minimal with a significant increase in the divorce between us and the divine. People will have analog hearts and digital minds that can’t communicate effectively with one another because the information of feelings will be too technical to translate due to the terrain being unexplored. People will no longer be blossoms, but ticking time bombs due to the fire of feelings being forgotten instead of felt. People will become guns and never Gods. We were born from warmth, but gradually we are becoming a cold war. I believe we are oceanic beings that play as shores because we are too scared to not only swim in ourselves, but also others. No one wants to drown so we only dream about the drops of water that are responsible for our existence. If feelings are a fountain, should we not drink until we no longer thirst for the self we are trying to discover? Should we not drink from the wells that are located in the minds of others until we understand them, instead of leaving them unexplored? At some point we all have to decide if we want to live a life of sinking or swimming. The fear of feelings has paralyzed us from progressing to our purpose. Essentially what we feel are words from God that we must put together to write our book of life. Feelings are God speaking to us, but we are too prideful to quite the mind and harken to the heart. If you are not listening to your feelings, you are missing the revelation and will never make it to the realm within yourself or others. Our conversations should not consist of talk about one being too thirsty, but on how we can drench the dehydrated. I urge us all to have faith in our feelings and know that there is no favor found in fear. Feel what you feel when you feel it.  

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