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What Does Your Heart Look Like?

In a simplistic generation of people that place a significant focus on the facade they put on for social media, I often wonder about the state of souls and not the poses in pictures or filters on faces. What does your heart look like? We are encountering a lot of shells with little to no substance. You can be pretty, but is your heart pure? Do you prey on people? Or do you pray for them? I’m terrified at the fact that we define beauty by what we see and not what we feel. We have became robotic, instead of robust and bland instead of bountiful. We are now fictional characters in a life that is supposed to be experienced in reality, but essentially we are only natives to virtual insanity.  

They say the prettiest people do the ugliest things, but the truth is we only visit shores without experiencing seas and that results in us never getting to know peoples depth, only what they depict. They were always unattractive, but your attraction to them was arbitrary and not astute. There are many variations of water and though they all look the same there is a distinct difference between purified, spring, alkaline and tap. Everyone can look like water, but some people are tap and we must remember that. Similar to the water in Flint, many hearts are not fresh and are filled with more lead than love. Unfortunately, some people will be less than satisfactory internally, despite being stunning externally because a lot of people don’t possess what they portray. We are falling in love with flesh, but never meeting souls or kissing hearts. We are buying books based on the cover and not the content. We are buying products in large quantities only to find out they lack quality. We are meeting humans when we should be engaging with spirits. What does your soul look like? How is your spirit? How is your heart? What does your heart taste like? Is your heart alkaline? Can you replenish my real and nourish my nature? People can look like everything, but have a heart of nothing; a heart that consists of nothing but hurt, pride, selfishness, anger, anxiety, greed and grief. People may look full, but are empty. We have to focus less on the looks and the light, but on the life within. You may see a rose, but what is at the root? Our eyes can be beyond deceiving so we must be vigilant on the energy we are receiving. The energy is the ethereal, not the external. What that heart do boo?

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