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Hot Summer: City Girls vs. Hot Boys

Everyone is playing a game, but no one is winning. We are shooting shots for self and essentially there is no team, only turmoil. We are keeping score of the sinister and praising the pain we impose on others with no regard because this is our rebound to make our hurt appear as “hot”. The kings and queens are at war with one another when we should be in a realm of royalty, ruling over love, living in it and fighting for it. We praise the playing, but what about the purpose of us being here? Love. 

Vulnerability is valuable, but maybe we are too cheap. Vulnerability cost a lot and majority of us millennials are not willing to spend. We would rather spare ourselves from potential pain so we live hot, when secretly all we want is heart. When one becomes vulnerable, they’re allowing an individual to buy into their product with hope that they throw away the receipt and learn how to master the machine. The problem with our generation is that people are keeping the receipt so they can run and return the feelings because they’d rather flex. Love is our inheritance of heaven on earth, we are choosing hell. We are not coming into our money (love) because we’re not willing to spend (vulnerability). We now live in poverty due to an extreme love drought because everyone is too scared to be water.

Take accountability for others vulnerability. If someone has weakened their ego to let you enter their essence, don’t take that for granted. Be gentle with the generosity, faithful to the feelings and considerate when you care. A lot of people lack common consideration and that is why people are building up walls to protect their wells. People are not striving to be hot, they’re straying away from being hurt. If everyone is focused on being a city girl or hot boy, will our hearts ever become homes? Or will we be houses that people only visit, but never live? The summer isn’t hot, it is cold, ice cold.

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