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The Art of Dying

There is an art to dying when you can effectively defeat the villain within yourself and be the victor over your own vices. Change should be inevitable, but we have become complacent with the character traits we need to kill instead of keep. The highest form of honor to oneself is recognizing and rectifying the poison keeping you from fulfilling your purpose. Vibrating high means realizing your lows. Accountability is hurtful for some, but the focus needs to be on the healing. We have to see the demise in the deceit of the devil and succumb to the truth of God. The truth is that you are not perfect, but you can make progress if you are willing to process who you were, who you are and who you want to become. After you asses your assets, finalize your faults and acknowledge your anguish, let all that is not pleasing pass so you can plateau.  

We have to continuously die to our past and be birthed daily in our present. We often caress our contentment saying “it’s just life”, but it really doesn’t have to be. We walk with baggage on our backs and think we are living, but we really need to unpack and let it pass on, let it die. If you analyze the anatomy of your toxic traits, you will see that you are holding on to limbs that are not receiving any circulation from your heart. Proverbs 4:23 states “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”, but what about what is flowing into it? Is your blood poisoned? Or does it have purpose? There comes a time in your journey of life when you have to end your ego, murder your mind and kill the kindred relationship you have with your low vibrational self. You want to live, but are you ready to die? Die to the self that is no longer serving you. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, but many of us are barely existing fully in self, let alone in spirit. We are too scared to die because our hurt is our house and essentially we never leave, so we never live. We walk on the ground, but sometimes we need to be in it so we can become grounded. One must be buried before they can be birthed. Lay your soul in the soil and lay there until you blossom. If you have to be sad, let that space be sacred and don’t leave until you learn. If you are happy, make that your haven and your home. If you are confused, treat it with care so you can comprehend your next concourse. If you are depressed, endure that depletion until you can be filled with what you desire. We have to stop running from death and lay it down instead of carrying it with us. I have spent many days with the physically dying as a hospice volunteer and I had an epiphany that those who are leaving their human experience, are more alive than those who are just starting it. At the end of our reign on earth, only four things will matter the most: the forgiveness we receive, the forgiveness we give to others and ourselves, saying thank you and most important of all, saying I love you. The point is your pain is not your purpose so it should not be your focus, you don’t need it, so leave it. We harbor our hurt and hinder our happiness by refusing to kill the things that are destroying us. Everyone has to die to the person they used to be before they can be born into the person they’re destined to become. When you are ready to die, only then will you have the opportunity to truly live. There is an art to dying if you can see the beauty in letting go. 

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