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The Nucleus

Your heart is the center of your universe, similar to the nucleus being the center of a cell. The nucleus contains majority of a cells genetic material and your heart is no different, containing your life, light, love, truth, trouble and turmoil. The nucleus is protected by a double layered membrane called the nuclear envelope and in this analogy we will consider the mind to be the hearts nuclear envelope. The nuclear envelope maintains and monitors the shape of the nucleus, as well as the molecules flowing in and out of it. If the heart is the nucleus of our celestial, are we properly protecting it with our mind? Is our hearts membrane (the mind), double layered to filter and flush out the filth? Or is our hearts membrane (the mind), thin and permeable allowing the pollution in and not keeping it out? I believe our minds work for our hearts. The mind is the security guard for the heart and some of our minds have not been diligent, but more so off duty. For example, when a negative thought arises, instead of our minds sending that thought into exile, our minds hold that thought as a prisoner. The prisoner then turns into a poison that seeps into our hearts and manifests in our lives. The heart is the command center of our cosmic existence providing us with the instructions on how to grow, develop and reproduce, similar to the DNA found in chromosomes which the nucleus houses. The heart can not properly command if we do not have our mind in control. The heart is not just an organ keeping us alive physically, but it is the orchestrator of the music we create spiritually. If the mind is the gatekeeper of the heart, why is yours so open? I often pray that more people start living from their hearts, but I think I should also be praying that more people start protecting their minds. Protect your mind from anything that is low vibrational and I’m not just referring to negative thoughts, but also negative people, places, television and food. An unhealthy heart is not a reflection of hurt, but a mirror of the madness in the mind. A unrestricted mind creates a restricted heart which results in a heart that never fulfills its purpose because it’s mind knows no peace. Your heart can not be free when your mind is a prison. Your heart can not live if your mind is carrying dead weight. Feed your mind substance so your heart won’t starve. Keep your heart, three stacks, keep your heart. 

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