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The Narrative of the Negro

The narrative of the negro is a tale that has been told for centuries highlighting the melancholy of melanin instead of the magic. The pain from the poison within our population has been publicized and everyone is making a profit, meanwhile we are still in prison (mentally and physically). To be honest, I’m tired of the narrative only giving an account of our anguish and never our accomplishments. I understand that a significant amount of what is depicted via the media is non-fiction, but do we not deserve fairy? We know about police brutality, but what about our spirituality? We know about the homicides, but what about our pride? We know about the struggle, but what about our strength? We live in hell, do we really have to watch it too? Media that focuses on the “black” life is typically surface and sinister because if the core of our cortex was referenced, brilliance would be the subject matter instead of our sins.  

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed or transferred. The fact of the matter is that we engage and entertain energy that speaks of our darkness and expect it to emit light. The music and the movies transfer a continuous melody of mayhem and we dance to it because it is the only song we know. What if we changed the tune and tone to one consisting of tunnel vision? We could then block out our vices and focus on our victories. The conversations would change from only being about color, but to us having the courage to depict what we want to become, instead of who we are expected to be. The conversations would shift from being about violence to a collection of people being the definition of vibrant. If the content changes, so will the context. Lil Boosie once stated, “It's murder, murder, murder gotta keep ya nine.” The shit sells, but who does it rob? Think about that. Our pain is profitable, but our peace is priceless and we are not even buying into that nor selling it. We portray our nightmares, but it is time for us to start living out our dreams. There is an urgency for the negro narrative to be modified and magnified. We are monumental and that storyline should not be minimized. At this point in our plateau, we can not afford to plummet by entertaining things that want us watered down because many are too scared to swim. We are too massive to allow mainstream media to equate us to a pond. Are you going to keep watching your hurt? Or march into your healing? We are ethereal on earth in flesh and prophets of the promise in spirit. We have moved beyond the narrative of the negro and blossomed into that of the Nile. We must now force people to move from our death and dive into our depth, we are more. 

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